Alisha Heng is a composer, filmmaker, and actress based in NYC and London. Her compositions have been performed across Europe and the USA by performers and ensembles including Christopher Herbert, Ensemble Lemniscate, members of the Juilliard Pre-College, and Barbora Kolářová. 
Born with chromesthesia, she creates works that mirror the colors of art. She discerns that her work is not solely one of a theorist or an author but, rather a combination of both. Through her work, Alisha explores the relationship between art and music, music as the means of creating the world we see before ourselves every day, and the balance between sound, silence, motion, and clarity. Alisha's passion for composing comes from both instrumental study and a fascination to create works that provoke the mind. 
Alisha is a 2020-2021 Luna Lab Fellow and studies clarinet and composition privately. When she isn't composing she works as a United Nation's Outreach and Advocacy volunteer.
Outside of music, Alisha is an avid filmmaker and animator. Her film 'Relative Living' was a 7th annual AT&T Film Awards winner in the Short Film - Mobile category as well as the winner of the Underrepresented Filmmaker award. Her films have also been awarded and recognized at other various film festivals including Fresh International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Popoli e Religioni Terni Film Festival, Annecy Festival, and Four River Film Festival. Most recently, she was named a 2021 National YoungArts Foundation Finalist and a U.S. Presidential Scholar semi-finalist.

Short Film Bio:
Alisha Heng is an NYC-based filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist. As a filmmaker, she incorporates elements of fantasy while telling stories of familial love and individuality. Her most recent film, Through Their Eyes, won a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Alisha is currently working on the screenplay for her first feature film and developing an animation about isolation.
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